An Arkansas Adventure

The storied Bachelor/ette trip is complete! We spent the weekend in Bentonville, Arkansas, which was very cool. One of the groomsmen and I had to discuss it, because we couldn’t put into words what is so cool about Bentonville. There’s a lot to do there, including a lot of cultural and active pastimes. There’s a lot of good food and drinks. There’s a lot of beautiful outdoor spaces. Which, that’s easy to say, but there’s just a welcoming ambiance to the town that really made it a wonderful trip.

Of course, I had to sneak away for a bit to check out the local yarn shop scene. I first went to a store in Bentonville proper: Hillfolk. It was clear they weren’t a yarn shop in the traditional sense. I was told they consider themselves more a fiber studio, but I didn’t end up buying anything there. As far as the supplies they offered, it was essentially an upscale big-box store.

Mockingbird Moon Yarn Shop sign in Arkansas

I went to the neighboring town of Rogers, AR to check out my next closest option: Mockingbird Moon. I got super excited driving though town and seeing a big “YARN” sign. However, Mockingbird Moon is closing! It’s always so sad, even though I had never been to this shop before.

Pink Arkansas Yarn Co skein

The staff was super friendly and helpful, especially given the circumstances. Everything in the shop was on sale, so I was able to snag some local yarn at a very reasonable price.

Modern Weaver book

We spent quite a bit of time at a variety of art museums, (including Crystal Bridges, which had the amazing Constitution yarn installment) and one gift shop had this neat book about weaving, which is a bit lacking in my fiber arts library. Multiple people pointed it out to me after I had purchased it, which made me smile.

It was such a great weekend, and I’m already dreaming about going back!

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