Year of Stitch: June Update

This post is very late. I’ve had a rough go of it the past couple of weeks, but I’m doing better now and am ready to give you a little update on my Year of Stitch progress.

The tablecloth was my ultimate undoing, I think. It’s a super cool project, but not necessarily a quick project. I missed a whole sampler while I was working on it. When I got back on the wagon, I decided to work on both the previous and current sampler at the same time.

Two in-progress embroidery samplers

The block letter one is actually all filler stitches, which has been an excellent refresher on some needlepoint stitches as well. The new stitches on the floral one were a lot smaller, which means they’re more quickly completed. I thought it would be easy enough to finish them both before the next sampler came out.

I was doing really well, and then I wasn’t embroidering at all. A couple other projects are taking priority this week, so it will be next week by the time I can work on them. By then, the next sampler will be ready, so I likely won’t meet that goal.

That’s okay, though. Another non-challenge embroidery project will have to take priority in August, so maybe it was all for naught. Finishing late is better than not finishing at all.

She posted the new sampler this week. I’m so excited to learn how to do the tassels. I don’t know what the next update will hold, but I do know there will be one. Stay tuned!

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