Year of Stitch: April Update

This post is a bit belated, but for good reason! I’ve been hard at work, and now there is more I can share.

Sampler #3 is done!

Embroidery sampler of bird in nest with text "What is grief if not love persevering?"

I’m not as happy with it as I am the other samplers. I probably should have stuck with one color for the bird, but I wanted it to look like a mourning dove. Also, the coral stitch is evil, in my personal opinion. The other new stitch on this piece were a blast.

My Encanto embroidery is also done.

Embroidery hoop of clouds with text "clear skies, clear skies"

I also made this piece for a friend, and it was my first time every framing my own work! I actually enjoyed it, too. Again, this is all thanks to the amazing Badass Cross Stitch tutorials for this challenge!

Framed embroidery of flowers under a bucket with text "thanks for being my bucket"

I have not yet started sampler #4 (which is filler stitches, I understand), but I do have one other WIP right now:

White tablecloth in a hoop, in-progress embroidered signature

You know I just turned 30, ’cause I asked for a table cloth for my birthday. A friend sent me a video on TikTok about a fiber artist who has guests sign her tablecloth with her clue market every Thanksgiving, and she embroiders the signatures. I thought this was the cutest idea ever, so I wanted to do something similar.

I’m not sticking to one holiday, though. I figure, since I have rotating hosting duties with a lot of my friend groups, that I’ll just have it out at whatever event I host. Instead of just a year key, I’ll include the event, too. I decided that key should go around the edge, like a border.

That’s the latest on my embroidery exploits! Tune in next month (in about two weeks) to see what I’m up to next.

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