Your Secret is Safe with Me (probably)

My toxic trait is my brain’s refusal to accept there are so many hours in a day (and we’re even working with one less this week).

I work a full-time job that I love. I do similar work to support my local jazz nonprofit that I really want succeed. I’m picking up creative writing again. My mental health requires a lot of maintenance, so I try to take the time I need to exercise, dance, rest, see family and friends.

This isn’t even to say I’m not crafting on top of all this. I am, but my struggle right now is my current projects with deadlines are almost all surprises: gifts for various birthdays and weddings, most of which are far past their original deadline. This is why I don’t update this blog from Thanksgiving to New Year’s; I’m not out here to spoil the surprise in the name of content.

And it is important to me to keep that air of mystery around my handmade gifts. Most of my giftees have an idea of what is coming. To see the fine details in progress may increase the anticipation, but it usually takes the joy out of the actual gifting, for the recipient and me. Maybe that’s selfish, but it’s true.

So, while those confidential projects languish on my couch (because the almost never leave the house for the same reason), and I try not to bore everyone by oversharing my current wreath or Year of Stitch project, tell me: What are you feelings about secrecy when it comes to handmade gifts? Let me know in the comments.

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