Maggie the Meme Maker

CW: Profanity

Y’all may remember my friend and former coworker Maggie, who came out to visit me at my last weekend at the Renaissance Festival. Maggie is a very talented content creator in her own right (Check out her travel blog Broke Girl Abroad and her makeup Youtube Channel), which makes her unwavering support of my work mean so much to me. What’s better, Maggie doesn’t partake in any fiber arts. Even better than that, she is by far the biggest fan of my Meme Monday posts on the Fahr Out Fiber Facebook page.

So, when she decided to try her hand at making some fiber art memes of her own, how could I say no? She decided to share her process, and we’ll see how accurate her memes are based only on what she has learned from the Fahr Out Fiber pages.

This point on is Maggie’s work, except when it’s italicized. That’s Emma chiming in.

Fiber arts memes from someone who doesn’t understand fiber arts

I’ve been tangentially involved in the world of fiber arts ever since I met Emma in… I wanna say, 2019? The before times? That sounds about right. (We met in 2018, when I started working at Baker!)

This blog, her projects and the booth I finally visited at RenFest gave me a decent idea of what fiber arts entails. Especially the booth. Spinning looks like witchcraft and I’m about 67% sure it is.

So in a fit of boredom, I decided I needed to test my knowledge of fiber arts. Could I create memes that the community could relate to? I set off to find out.

Side note, while I am a creative person, knitting, felting and the like is not for me. I have the hand eye coordination of a concussed toddler. Instead, I dabble in other nonsense. If you’d like to see what that looks like, check out my travel blog that I’ve sporadically updated since April 2020 for no particular reason whatsoever. I also have a YouTube channel for makeup, which is a great way to kill 11 minutes. 

Anyways, on to the memes!


"Me at my knitting station: in my evil fucking lab doing whatever the fuck" meme
© Maggie Stanton, 2021

This one speaks to me, because I feel like we all have our evil fucking labs. Mine is my vanity, where I put on way too much eyeshadow, but also not enough. For you, fiber connoisseur, it’s probably your knitting station. Go ham, I say. (What is a knitting station, and where can I get one?!)


Spongebob burning a note that reads "Fiber Arts? Sounds like a girl thing!" meme
© Maggie Stanton, 2021



An excited face saying "Clearing out room in my stash!. Then, a disappointed face saying "Immediately buying more yarn" meme
© Maggie Stanton, 2021

I only know a little bit about fiber arts, but I know you definitely need yarn to do the thing. And after seeing Emma’s post about moving her stash, I realized that much yarn exists, and it must all be bought (See what I mean? Maggie’s a true friend.). It’s like my eyeshadows. There are so many shades, which means I need all of them.


"My WIPs: Please, we're right here. Me: the issue is that I truly love lying around doing nothing." meme
© Maggie Stanton, 2021

I’m only kind of sure what a WIP is. I know it’s different than a WAP, but I assume has the same energy (I love this so much!). Also, I love doing nothing. It’s like doing but without the dumb stuff. Gotta charge those bad bitch batteries, am I right? Also, if you don’t know how tumblr works it could be entirely cannon that actual Josh Peck posted this. Truly, art.


"My WIPs watching me start another project" followed by a disappointed looking man meme
© Maggie Stanton, 2021

I will take any and every opportunity to use this meme. You’re welcome. Also, apparently you can have many WIPs at once? That sounds stressful and absolutely like something I would do. (Yes to all.)


© Maggie Stanton, 2021

Ravelry is a site for fiber things! (Good job, Maggie!!) People post patterns and shit. It sounds like the kind of thing that could totally send you down a rabbit hole, like when I first discovered Reddit and didn’t do anything for a solid 48 hours. Huzzah!

Okay, that’s it, y’all. How’d I do? Did I nail the fiber arts aesthetic? And what’s a WIP? Comment below and help a gal out! ? (Wrong answers only, fiber friends!! Ha!)

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