The Ultimate Handmade Gift Spreadsheet

I’m not a super type-A, organized person. I always dreamed of getting into bullet journaling, but I know in my heart of hearts, I’d give it up after a couple of days. However, I am slowly finding myself to be more and more of a spreadsheet person.

I think it’s because I’m actually a chaotic creative that it’s growing on me. Spreadsheets today do most of the hard work for you! Of course, I’ve been using a spreadsheet to track my WIP Challenge this year, and actually last year, I made a list of the gifts I wanted to make and give over the holiday season. That’s all it was, though: a list. I’d use strikethrough to mark them off, but I’ve learned spreadsheets are capable of a lot more fun than that.

So, I set out to create the perfect Handmade Gift List, and I think I’m pretty close!!

Gift Spreadsheet example

BEHOLD!! This holiday spreadsheet has it all: track what you’re making for who, what you’re using, how much it will all cost, and where you are in the process! The gift counter and total budget are calculated automatically, too. This sheet has the added benefit of a couple of gold-star colored accomplishments when you use stash and when you’ve finished all your gifts! (In that the cells turn gold when you put “STASH” in the Materials column, and the same thing happens when your gift counter gets to zero!).

I’m very happy to share these with you on Google Sheets, which means all you need to get started is a Google account! While I celebrate Christmas, I know it’s not the only gift-giving holiday this season. To that end, I made a few of these with more appropriate color-schemes for those holidays! (That’s all that’s changed. The math/set-up are the same!)

To save one to your own drive, open the link, click on “File” at the top, and select “Make a Copy” from the drop down menu.

The Christmas Handmade Gift List

The Hanukkah Handmade Gift List

The Winter Solstice Handmade Gift List

The Kwanzaa Handmade Gift List

Hope this makes your holiday season a little more fun and stress-free!

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