Relocating the Stash

Because as the saying goes: “Home is where the stash resides.”

I am moving. It’s really great ’cause I will be closer to work, really close to some good friends, and walking distance from some of my favorite shops and restaurants (including a certain local yarn shop…) It’s really not great because moving stresses me out like nothing else can.

Like, the move is still a month off. I wanted to make some special masks for Ren Fest, fix some friends’ clothes, maybe make the last Me Made May concept outfit since I had all that ready to go. I physically could not bring myself to do any of it. What did I do to make that better? Pack all my sewing stuff first. Can’t sew if all my stuff is packed. It worked great for a bit, but then other quick sewing things start piling up again, which adds to the stress.

I’m also a bit excited/concerned for friends I have made since moving into my current place to see just how much yarn I have… By the standards of someone who doesn’t love yarn as most crafters do, it’s mildly obscene.

However, since moving stresses me out this much, I have thought of some tips to hopefully keep the mess somewhat contained.

1. Store yarn/fabric/fiber in plastic tubs.

Not only does that keep it clean and safe from pests, but it makes them a lot easier to move. My dad actually built my yarn storage to come apart for just such an occasion.

2. Plastic wrap small containers.

So you can pack them with all the yarn bits or notions contained. Just unwrap at the new place.

3. Pack away projects in a state that’s ready-to-craft when you arrive.

For example, I just sandwiched a quilt before packing it away. That way I won’t be tempted to leave it in its box until the next move.

4. Pick a fun, relatively mindless project to go in your essentials bag.

You know, the bag you’re living out of for a couple of weeks while you pack/unpack everything you own. I just finished getting mine together this last weekend. It’s garter but with lots of color changes. Sure to keep my attention away from the stress of not knowing where any of my other project are packed.

What crafty packing tips do you have? I’m grateful for any and all of them.

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