More Stash, More Storage

No offense to Marie Kondo, but I’m not ready to part with any of my yarn (and besides, it does spark joy).

So when my stash started overflowing just a little bit, I decided I’d rather get some new storage.

And not long after I made this decision, I found a perfect solution on Pinterest:

IKEA storage plans

Currently, I have square wire bins with two plastic shoe boxes stacked in each. If I need something out of the bottom box, both of them are coming out. No longer! I thought these sliding bins would be perfect, sorted by weight, with room for some roving and project bags even!

But when I went to get the bins from IKEA, they were so small. One would probably hold five or six skeins at the most, which all together is less storage than I already had. Not to mention these bins don’t have lids.

Still madly in love with the idea, I just started hunting for new storage bins.

9 Targets storage bins

To my dad, the woodworker extraordinaire, the plans were adaptable to the new size (with some other modifications, ’cause that’s how Dad works). It’s made almost entirely from plywood. Imagine me, rolling up to a Home Depot register with a trolley full of plywood, and the looks on the faces of men around me when they hear it’s for yarn storage. It was priceless.

So Dad worked for months, and, drum-roll please:

Completed Yarn storage

My new yarn storage! Nine 64 quart bins! Sure to hold all of my yarn (with maybe room for some new? A “problem” for another time).

How do you store your yarn? Do you upgrade your storage when you run out of room or do you shave down your stash? Have you seen Tidying Up on Netflix? Let me know in the comments!

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