Hill Country Weavers

My travels took me to Austin, TX for a family wedding last weekend, which is also the home of Hill Country Weavers. It’s made quite a few “Top Five Yarn Shops” lists, so I figured it was worth squeezing in a visit.

We walked in. The mood was light, even though the air conditioner had gone out on a Texas summer day. A knitting summer camp was in full swing in the back room. It seemed like a really nice place to come hang out with a project. Most importantly, though, it is a house. It’s a house full of yarn. Everyone’s dream, right?

And it’s all kinds of yarn! From less expensive yarn shops staples to luxury brands and indie dyers from all over the country and the world. One of the rooms in the house was dedicated to sale yarn. They also had cones of yarn for weaving, roving and rolags to spin, it was quite a selection. For the first time in a long time, I was torn on what I wanted to purchase!

ritual dyes pin yarn carnival skein

And when it comes down to that, I usually go local. This gorgeous skein from Yarn Carnival was dyed just south of Austin. I also picked up this Ritual Dyes zodiac pin, because the skeleton ram wearing a cowl made me smile.


You know what else made me smile? Their reward system. You get your rewards as these adorable tokens, and they’re called knitcoin. Go ahead and giggle, you know I did.

If you find yourself in Austin, I can confirm that Hill Country Weavers is worth a stop!

3 thoughts on “Hill Country Weavers

    1. Hi Robbi! I’m not associated with the shop. I was just a customer for this visit. Their website is linked in the post, and you can reach out to them that way.


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