WIP Challenge: April Update

Y’all… it’s not good… and with Me Made May this month, it probably isn’t going to get that much better!

Emma modeling shawl

I did finish the “Easter” shawl, at least! One very pre-2021 WIP finished makes me feel good.

Mike modeling a hat

There were only two new projects started this month, too, but both were Shiny Object projects… I cast on my Magpie Fiber Reilly hat and made Dad a new hat for his birthday out of neat, American-grown yarn from Gauge Yarn. So, those aren’t too bad, it’s just not good…

Current WIP Count: 46, same as last month. Nothing gained, but nothing lost either.

Queue Projects: Eight, also same as last month.

Squirrel Projects: Six, so also the same, but this one’s going to explode with this month’s challenge…

Shiny Objects: …I’m up to six now… It is what it is. I’m not beating myself up about it, but I’m trying to regain my focus going forward.

Honestly, if I have similar results this month, but the blow-up is in the Squirrel Projects instead, I’ll be a happy camper!

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