A Stitch in Time

Remember the “wedding-themed” shiny object project I had in the last WIP Challenge update? I’m happy to share that is was an embroidery for two of my dear friends who just got engaged!!

Let me tell you about Ben and Kristen. I met Ben when I started swing dancing in 2019. He is fun, boisterous, creative, a great lead, and an all-around wonderful human being. He came to say hi during one of my demos out at the Renaissance Festival, and he had a girl with him. I would find out later that this was only their second date, but even then I thought they made a fantastic couple. That was Kristen, another amazing human being, and we also hit it off immediately. We share pop culture loves and life experiences to an almost creepy extent. We often joke that we’re the same person.

To that end, Kristen is also super crafty. She asked me to teach her how to embroider, because she had an idea for an anniversary gift for Ben: a hoop with the logo of the bar they met in, their names, and the date. Cute, fun to stitch, and I was happy to help.

kristen's embroidery

She busted it out in no time (but of course, I’m not surprised).

Fast-forward to last month, and Ben reaches out because he wants to commission a piece from me. He wants me to recreate that piece with a new date because he’s going to propose (!!). Truth be told, I was worried. Trying to recreate it to the exact size and style that Kristen did was a lot of work, but I think I did okay!

Emma's embroidery

I’m so happy for them, and I was honored to be a part of the big day.

Bonus content: Kristen has a birthday on Sunday, and I decided to make another hoop of the logo of her business (because she’s a small business owner along with an amazing human being):

Hoop that has an image of a rock and text that reads "freckled stone"

I’m quite happy with it, too! More importantly, though, she was as well. If you’re in the KC area and are looking to get a massage, I cannot recommend her enough! Check out her site: www.freckledstone.com

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