Halter Tee

Last year, I wrote about stitching an engagement present for two of my friends, and the time is coming for them to finally get married!

I am honored to be a bridesmaid at their wedding, which also means I get to be a part of a bachelorette trip coming up this month. Now, the dress I am to wear at the wedding is (beautiful and) backless. All of my comfortable exercise clothes are racerback. Can you figure out my dilemma?

Yes, I have horrible tan lines. Since we’re going to be out and about for a lot of this trip, it’s probably my one chance to even them out before the big day. I’m ditching the racerbacks for halters, which is not something I often wear.

Once again, I turned to my teen roots of cutting up t-shirts. I have this Knitting in the Heartland shirt, that I love, that was starting to get discolored under the armpits. Busting out the old, early 2000s t-shirt book, I found exactly what I wanted.

tee shirt and tee shirt book out on a table

The one change I made to the original instructions was to cut the ties from the back scraps, instead of from the bottom of the shirt. That left the professional, serged edge at the bottom, and the little nub from turning the scraps into t-shirt “yarn” is hidden in the casing anyway.

Emma modeling her new halter tee

I am super happy with how it turned out! Looking forward to some sun and wind on my back this trip!

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