ThanksKnitting in 2020

Long-time readers know I take a little hiatus between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most of the projects I’m working on have to be kept secret, and less time writing means more time on said projects.

I think one last WIP post would be the most apt way to wind down, since I feel like that was half of my content this year!

Four in-progress projects, laid out on a table

Here’s my progress on my non-gift projects: my Mini ADVENTure Cowl, my NaKniSweMo attempt Dissent, my Foam Top(Ravelry link) (which is a “sweater” that I could finish before the month is out), and my hot water bottle cover(Ravelry link). All of these are going to slow down a bit (except the Foam, I hope), so please don’t be shocked if they’re still in progress when we meet again!

It’s an understatement that 2020 has been hard on all of us. I hope you and yours are healthy and well. I hope you’re finding comfort in your projects (or avoiding them if you aren’t), and I hope you’ve enjoyed my crafty adventures along the way. Hoping for more and better in 2021, but until then, I hope you have a safe and and enjoyable (as possible) holiday season.

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