Camp Loopy: June

Well, last week was a cluster.

Had to go back to physical work among a few other large, time sensitive projects, so not a lot of knitting got done last week. That means I’m in a bit of a pickle to finish my Camp Loopy project on time.

I haven’t participated in a while, because June is usually the month where summer activities become more enticing than knitting. I don’t want to work on larger, disciplined projects. Since we’re all stuck at home this summer, though, I figured this was my year. Joke’s on me.

I hypothetically could still finish. I have about six rows left of the colorwork and then the border, but it’ll be tight to get it in for the midnight deadline. The picture may not look very good either, but I’ll fix that with an FO Friday post.

Even without all the obstacles, I lacked a bit of motivation for this project. It’s a Small World was my favorite attraction when I first went to Walt Disney World as a child, but Splash Mountain isn’t the only problematic attraction in that park. It could be an easy fix, too, if they altered the soundtrack respectfully. I made this with the hope of that possibility, but until that happens, I’m not going to be comfortable wearing this out and about.

With that hope, I’ll find the motivation to get this done by midnight. What are your deadline crafting tips? Let me know in the comments.

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