Social DisKnitting: Day 126

I’m on a low on the CoronaCoaster today. Cases keep going up, people are acting like the opposite is true, and we’re supposed to go back into the office soon. It’s a lot.

But the yarncrafts are still helping, so that’s good.

No new cast-ons since my last post, but I do have these little finished objects. An old friend reached out to ask if I’d make a couple of masks for her kids as they get ready to head back to school (also terrifying, but at least Governor Kelly pushed back the start date a bit. Hopefully that’ll be enough time to prepare or make a more informed decision.)

child-sized masks

I’ve kept up a very robust rotation of WIPs lately. The crop top (I’m so close!!), Jubilance Kerchief, and needlepoint pauldron shield are old friends by now. I honestly haven’t gotten much further on the cat cushion, but I’ll muster up the motivation somehow. My Camp Loopy shawl is trucking along. All that’s left in my Susan B. Anderson Little House that I’ve altered a bit to make another 2020 project. To me, it represents the highs on the CoronaCoaster, so it’s nice to work on in times like this.

Works in Progress laid out

Where watching is concerned, of course I’ve watched Hamilton a couple of times since it became available. I’ve also managed to watch all of Floor is Lava (would highly recommend if you need something silly and mindless). I’m also back on rewatching an old favorite: the BBC Musketeers. That’s why the pauldron project is back in the mix.

Hope you’re all doing well, and I’d still love to hear what you’re working on or watching. Let me know in the comments.

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