Eco Face Pads

InkedManKnitter on Instagram had a fantastic post this summer. He was learning different Tunisian crochet in little squares, crocheting a border, and using them as reusable face pads!

It was such a genius idea, I had to do a version of my own:

  1. It’s a great opportunity to keep those one-time-use cotton rounds out of our landfills.
  2. You can learn different Tunisian crochet stitches in very little time.
  3. It would make a great gift! The holidays are coming.

My version has a stitch for every day of the week, starting with the bare basics and moving up to fun pattern stitches.

I am teaching this as a class at The Studio on Nov. 12. I hope you’ll join us! You can sign up in the store, over the phone, or online here.

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