More (Little) Stash, More (Little) Storage

I had a rare, full weekend at home, and when that happens I try to organize stuff around my apartment. I have this great yarn storage fixture my dad built when I moved in, but I’ve been struggling with where to keep my little, partial skeins.

I do hold on to any leftovers from projects. There’s too many fun scrap projects out there to pass up. I hold on to the left overs from most of Mom’s projects, too, cause she doesn’t see the value in having partial skeins around. So when she needs just a little bit of yarn for a coordinating color, like heels and toes, she’s always happy I held on to them!

These partial skeins lived in a large under-the-bed bin, which made it hard when I was looking for something specific. For a while, I’ve wanted one of those craft carts with the small drawers, but they come with such a hefty price tag. I could never justify spending that much money when I had a place to keep that yarn. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t ideal.

But Mom wanted to go to Michael’s, and I needed a poster frame, so I tagged along. Lo and behold, those same craft carts were on sale, 50% off. I could stomach that price!

I had to build it myself, which wasn’t a huge deal. Then I took that bin out from under the bed and started sorting all of my partial skeins by color. It took the better part of a Saturday, but I’m so happy with it! Now it’s so much easier to find that one coordinating yarn I need.

Craft cart with 11 bins holding yarn sorted by color

Do you hold on to your partial skeins? How do you store them if you do? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “More (Little) Stash, More (Little) Storage

  1. I hold onto mine, but they’re all just thrown in drawers along with the full skeins. Maybe one day I’ll have the space and storage to separate them all out. If I do, I’m definitely getting one of those! It looks so neat, especially all sorted by colour 🙂

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