Project Packing: Lake Edition

Summer in the Fahrlander family is marked by what we call “Lake Weekend.” We have family friends who live down at the Lake of the Ozarks, and the whole of each clan stays with them for a long weekend. It’s wonderful. We enjoy the water, play board games, and always take a trip to the second-best grocery store ever. You can buy a margarita to sip while you shop (the carts have cupholders!).

I’ve shared my system for project packing before, and this trip really isn’t that different. If anything, it’s okay if I overextend ’cause we’re mostly just lounging about all weekend. I haven’t packed any clothes yet, but my projects are ready to go!

I did make sure to bring a variety of projects. With this much time to craft, there’s no telling what I’ll want to work on. Concentration level kind of went out the window, because I have some serious deadlines approaching…

Here’s what made the cut:

A drop spindle, a crocheted swatch, a half-finished needlepoint, and an in-progress baby blanket

First, my Tour de Fleece spindle project, as that ends on Sunday. Next is a group of crocheted sample swatches I’m working on for Hummingbird Moon. I’m still trying to finish my needlepoint shield to make my own pauldron for the Renaissance Festival this year, and finally a Dream Maker baby blanket for a baby with a shower first week in August. It’s a lot… but no better time to bust out a few projects than a lazy weekend at the lake!

What do you bring to work on during road trips in the dog days of summer? Leave me a comment, or tag your photos with #fiberadventures!

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