Tour de Fleece Update

Today marks Day 12 of Tour de Fleece! We’ve past the halfway point! Not only that, but it’s the first challenge day of the tour. My challenge might be getting any spinning done at all today, but I’ll get back to that.

My focus has been on three different spinning projects for the Tour. The first one had to be a spindle project. I knew if I was going to spin everyday, I needed something I could spin on the go. The choice was a gorgeous Frabjous Fibers Polwarth top, and I’m fractal-spinning it to get the most out of the colors. They call it Stained Glass.

This is what I had on my wheel when the tour started. It’s my Horned Dorest for Shave ’em to Save ’em. I’m kicking my butt to spin through that so I can work on what I really want to work on…

A brown single on a bobbin on a spinning wheel

The money art yarn! Thanks to all of you who helped me pick my big project for the tour. I prepped these rolags on my blending board last weekend, which was a blast. I forgot how much I love the blending board.

A bag of shredded money with a stack of green rolags behind it

I did drastically overbook myself for July, which is rough ’cause it’s summertime, and sometimes you just want to be lazy. And working at a school, you’d think I’d get a little bit a slow-down during these months when the students are home, but no. I’m working through lunch hours usually reserved for spinning!

But it’s days like that where I’m really grateful for things like the Tour. Would anyone notice or care if I took a day off? Probably not, but I would know. It’s a great motivator. That’s why I wanted a big prep project for this tour, ’cause if I don’t give myself deadlines, things don’t get done.

Are you spinning for this year’s Tour? Tell me about it in the comments, or tag your pics on social media with #fiberadventures!

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