The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Obviously, it’s not the winter holidays (but that is a close second).

Fall is the best season: harvesty foods, hot drinks, hoodies, spooky times, and, of course, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

We are returning to an in-person event, even in the face of a literal plague. While I am worried, I’m also excited. I missed this so much last year. It goes without saying that a lot has changed, but a major thing is a new full-time job that requires me to be on-call two of the seven weekends. An easy solution is to wear my smart watch out there, but I also don’t want to kill the medieval mood.

Rainbow, in-progress knitting project with a button that says "Vaccinated for the good of the realm"

That meant it was time for some good, old fashioned crafty problem solving; my literal favorite. I dug though my tiny scraps and found some recycled sari silk. I grabbed some needles and cast on, just (educated) guessing how many stitches I needed to fit snugly around my wrist and watch. Of course, I didn’t swatch it, except I kind of did. I took out the first cast on, but no gauge was measured!

Friends, the level of serotonin I got from this exercise was wild. This was the kind of thing that got 11-year-old Emma deep into the fiber arts: there’s something I need and I can make it myself. It was quick, too, which is the polar opposite of my other regular projects I have right now.

It turned out perfect. Hope I’ll see some of you (from a safe distance) out at the festival this season!

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