A Record Breaker (Maybe)

I have been looking forward to today for a while.

Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, even though I always treat myself on Valentine’s. No, I was looking forward to today because I got accepted to be a part of the stress test at the new KCI terminal!

If you’re not from KC, let me explain. We’ve had an old, outdated airport for a long time here, and years ago, it was announced that the city would get a brand new airport terminal. At first, I was very sad. I grew up here, and even though the old airport was, well, old, it was ours. It was unique. You could easy get to the airport 30 minutes before your flight and just stroll through security. I was worried we were going to end up with a generic airport with generic airport security lines.

I’ve had years to come to terms with the old airport’s demise, though. So, when it was announced that this new terminal (opening February 28) would have a stress test on Valentine’s Day, I wanted in! After applying (along with thousands of other curious Kansas Citians) and getting accepted, I found out we got assigned “scripts.” We all had to play the part of a potential airline traveler.

The examples were a nursing mother or someone gluten-intolerant. I got assigned a military traveler… which is important, sure, but not helpful tips for most the people I know. I was tasked with finding an adult changing room and the USO (which I guess we did not have in the old airport). I found both pretty easily! I also had to list what food and drink I had access to, and there is SO MUCH. It’s all good Kansas City food and booze, too!

Most importantly, I knew this was an opportunity to be the very first person to knit in this new airport. Because unless someone working on the airport brough their knitting, this was the first day civilians were welcomed into the space. We were asked to bring luggage, so I just popped my knitting bag in there and sat down next to my assigned gate.

If anyone else was able to knit in the terminal before 10:30 a.m. today, I want to know!!

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