Silver Dollar City Harvest Festival

Another weekend, another craft festival!

Silver Dollar City Naitonal Harvest and Cowboy Festival

The Silver Dollar City craft festival has been a staple in my family for many years. It perfectly combines my love of crafts and my love of theme parks. Although, the fiber arts representation has been a little iffy for a while. There used to be a couple of really cool weaving booths, one that also sold beautiful hand-turned crochet hooks, but they’ve since stopped coming to the show.

Last year we didn’t see a single fiber booth, so imagine my surprise (and suspicion) when they started pushing quilts and fiber arts in their advertising.


There wasn’t a bunch of them, but it was still more than last year. I met a gentleman from Kechi, Kansas who wove very nice wearable pieces, and I met a lovely couple where the wife made quilts and other sewed goods and the husband wove wonderful scrap rugs. There were other sewn goods scattered about, but those were the two that were fiber-centric booths. There’s also a full-time quilt shop and a full-time yarn shop that are always in the park:


The yarn shop has always been kind of meh. They carried Ozark-area handspun for a while, then the shoved it all under a table and wondered why it wasn’t selling. The quilt shop, on the other hand, has always been top-notch.

As far as our fiber finds, we each got these nifty scissor and pin cushion combinations from the quilt shop, Mom picked up a kit for a wall hanging, homemade soap inside a woven scrubby, and I got a pin cushion/thread trash can combo from the lovely couple I mentioned before (they gave me lavender sachets too!).

Other than the fiber booths, my other reason for going was to try out their new record-breaking rollercoaster:

Time Traveler Silver Dollar City

It’s a spinning rollercoaster, so I was a little wary to ride. Fortunately, it didn’t spin much. I think the point of it was to add variety each time you rode it. It is intense, you get a lot of free-fall feelings, and it launches in the middle. Five out of five stars where I’m concerned. The queue was just about Disney quality, it had some cute Jules Verne references and the music was a variety of pop hits from different decades redone in instrumental bluegrass tunes.

So if you’re coming just for the fiber arts, you might skip this show. If you like art shows in general and theme parks with record-breaking coasters, Silver Dollar City’s Harvest Festival is an excellent choice!

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