Sunny Daze Crossbody Bags

My friends Liz and Lauren got married last weekend!

And about a month ago, one of our friends shared this super fun crossbody bag in our group chat. Since we met at KU, a lot of the group has had a sunflower element in their own weddings. Since the wedding took place in the Walt Disney World resort, we thought a small, travel-ready bag would be a perfect fit.

I even had yarn left over from our very first wedding as a friend group, where we knit and crocheted sunflowers for the bouquets and boutonniere. There was an opportunity to bookend the college-friends weddings, and I’m nothin if not sentimental…

There was just a couple minor hiccups: only two of us in the friend group crochet regularly, and we had mere weeks to make six bags for the group (in rainbow colors, ’cause gay wedding). It got to the point that I had to tell myself I could work on them on the plane, because at least they were lined with a zipper at that point.

Six people wearing sunflower crossbody bags

But I did finish the last bag a couple of hours before the plane took off!! And I am obsessed with these bags. They were perfect for walking around the parks, and mostly importantly, the brides loved them, too.

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