Zelda Belt Bag

I’m going to be honest: I have not crafted much recently.

There’s a few reasons for this, but one is the recent release of the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game! I haven’t been so excited for a game since I was a teenager, which also means it’s eating the majority of my free time.

I’ve always been such a Zelda fan, because the games have so much going on. Yeah, you have to beat up a few bad guys, but to get there, you need to solve a ton of tastefully challenging puzzles. I didn’t think they would be capable of topping the previous installment, Breath of the Wild, but somehow they did. It’s a magnificent game.

I definitely got one of the last copies at my local Target the day it came out. Because I bought it on release day, I also got a funky, free belt bag. I’m loving the renaissance belt bags are having right now, but I thought this one was just okay. It didn’t really scream “Zelda” at me. I knew I could do something about that, though!

embroidered belt bag

I picked up some sticky transfer paper (not exactly what I wanted, so the search continues. It did the trick though) and some metallic thread to add a classic triforce! Not only is it more “Zelda” now, but I feel like it balances out the bag, too. It is now a bag worthy of all my rupees and snacks (apples, of course).

I do think this was enough of a break, though… Back to the game!

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