Knit Skirt

Emma modeling her new navy skirt

Officially making 2023 the year of apparel sewing!!

This project has actually been on my mind for a few months now. I had a fabulous time at a swing dance event in St. Louis, Missouri last November. A lot of the female-presenting folks were wearing these knit skirts, and they were utterly perfect for swing dancing: comfy, kind of fancy, pretty flattering, and allow movement for dancing.

After this trip, I tried to buy such a skirt and could find none available commercially. Naturally, the next step was to try and make one myself.

I used the Pirate Pencil Skirt pattern from Patterns for Pirates (it’s free!) and found a navy knit in the fabric stash I got from my friend’s grandma (also free. Your girl paid nothing for this skirt!). It was such a satisfying, quick project. I cut the fabric and did all the sewing over a lunch break.

But the body dysmorphia struck again, and I made it too big… Enh well, I was still hooked. So, I took in the side seams, found my new size, and ran to JoAnn’s to pick up some new knit fabrics (the skirts from here on are not free!).

Emma modeling her new black skirt

I got a classic black, pictured here, and a bright blue I’m hoping pairs with a hand-knit top for an upcoming neon night. The later is still in progress, but I hope it will be ready for my next big event in Houston. I feel like a real swing dancer now!!

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