Read my Article in Ply Magazine!

Super exciting update today! Your girl is published again!

Ply is my favorite spinning magazine (because the creator Jacey used to be a local and created a nationally renowned spinning conference right here in Kansas City), so I’ve submitted many times to write for it. I finally got an assignment. Even better, it ended up being the cover story!

This is the science issue, so I got to write an article about how to tell what that mystery fiber in your stash is. I can’t give too much away (because we want you to buy the magazine!), but it does involved one of my favorite activities: setting things on fire!

The digital issue will be available tomorrow, March 1. Print issues will be in mailboxes around March 10. You can purchase either version online, or you could check out your local yarn and fiber shops to purchase the issue from them!

So excited to tick this off my bucket list! And of course, if you like the article, let Jacey and her team over at Ply know! I’d love the opportunity to write for them again.

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