I think I am finally fully recovered from my swing dance weekend in Houston.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have a blast and learn a lot (I also got to rock my new skirts). It was just so, so much dancing. I barely even had energy to knit by the time I got home!

While it was my first big travel dance event, I had two smaller trips leading up to this. Both times I had plans to visit local yarn shops that fell through. When I saw one just down the street from our Houston hotel, I was determined that I would make it this time.

While most of our compatriots were preparing to compete, my friend and I snuck out and I did manage to make it to Nimblefingers!

I had such a good time, I completely forgot to photograph the inside of the shop. It’s very cute, and they carry both needlepoint and knitting/crocheting yarns. It gave me serious Studio Knitting and Needlepoint vibes, so I felt right at home.

They did not have any yarn local to Houston, but they did have quite a selection of indie-dyed yarn. I ended up with a couple of skeins that I think look gorgeous together (from different dyers, too!).

Two hand-dyed skeins of yarn with a nimblefingers tape measure

I also lucked out in that I forgot to bring a tape measure with me to Houston. I told my friend as I walked in the door that I really wanted one with the store’s name on it, and at first, I couldn’t find one. My friend asked the cashier about it, though, and lo and behold: a Nimblefingers tape measure!

It was such a pleasant visit. If you have an opportunity while you’re in Houston, I’d highly recommend!

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