Hello, 2023

I’ve covered how my crafty resolutions went last year (the TL;DR was not well, but I’m still feeling good about what I did accomplish!). Now, I’m looking ahead to this new year!

First off, I’ve decided 2023 is my year of apparel sewing. No SMART goal attached to this. I just want to put that out into the universe. I’ve been inspired by other fiber artists around me, and I look forward to picking their brains for some me-made wardrobe fun.

Now for some more goal-esque goals:

Emma's Make Nine yarns for 2023 in a nine grid


If a couple of these look familiar, I rolled over the projects I didn’t start in my MakeNine2022. I’ve already gotten started, so I am confident I’ll be able to show off a full, finished grid this time next year!

Finish my Year of Stitch

Badass Cross Stitch’s Shannon is still trucking along on a brand new Year of Stitch. I’d really like to finish what I started in 2022… Not to mention I have a couple of embroidery projects I’m really excited to finish this year. However, if it the 2023 samplers continue as they have started, I may not be able to resist steering off course a bit!

Actually learn how to use my rigid heddle loom and knitting machine

Again, I’m already started on this one! And yes, it’s another rollover, but hey. You only truly fail a task when you give up on it, right?

Decrease my number of WIPs

No frills this year. For as much as I did get done with my Queue Challenge last year, the number of projects I have sitting around it getting mildly insane. It’s embarrassing, but in the interest of full accountability, I have 56 projects at some level of progress right now. I want to have less than that when I ring in 2024. Be that finishing or frogging, I am determined.

There you have it! I’ll still post monthly updates to where I stand in all of these. Until then, I am wishing you every bit of luck and joy in your personal making goals for 2023!

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