ThanksKnitting 2022

But I guess it’s ThanksCarding this year! Taking advantage of the lovely weather in Kansas City this morning to card a bit more cotton before it’s cold again. It keeps me well out of the way of the chefs! Since I have to keep most of what I’m working on for the next six or […]

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A Cotton Rant

My well-meaning father sent me this tweet the other day: Funny enough, he doesn’t remember having brown or green cotton plants in his own backyard… That’s what really ticked me off about this. We’ve had colored strains of cotton for ages, thanks to the indigenous folks in South America. They had a multitude of colors […]

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And the Cotton is Planted

You might recall my cotton growing escapades from last year, I was really excited about it! Well, this terrible winter came in and destroyed all of my cotton plants before they finished producing. I only got about half an ounce. So the trick would be to get them in the ground earlier so they’re producing […]

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Gin the Cotton

We returned from Branson to quite a lovely sight: Dad was able to harvest some of my cotton while we were away! These are just the first four bolls, there’s (hopefully) a lot more on the way. I thought it would be best to gin it (or remove the seeds) as we harvested it, for […]

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And the Cotton is High

Late this last spring, I woke up one day a decided I wanted to grow cotton in my backyard. This is a bit ridiculous for a few reasons: I have little to no experience spinning cotton I have absolutely no experience spinning from a boll (cotton as it comes off of the plant) I have […]

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