Snips of Thread Revisited: The Yarn Pantry

Emma isn’t the only one who traveled to far-flung yarn shops in February. Her mom, Cyndi, also managed a stop at an old favorite with new digs. She agreed to share her thoughts on the updated store:

A recent visit to my niece’s house to catch up with my sister took us to Humeston, Iowa—a pleasant surprise.

It’s a small town in southern Iowa–population 465 in the 2020 census. About 20 miles southwest of Chariton. The main purpose of our visit was an auction. My niece had her eye on a sewing table, but while waiting for it to come up in the auction, we did a little exploring. We didn’t have to go far to find a great yarn shop with a surprisingly large selection for a small town.

Yarn Pantry exterior sign

Now, Emma and I have stopped in Humeston once before, but it’s been a few years. At the time, the “yarn shop” was tucked back in a room behind the fabric store. But now, it has its own building: The Yarn Pantry. It’s bright, open, with plenty of room for classes or a knit-a-long.

Yarn Pantry interior

I found some beautiful Italian yarn on the sale rack. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I bought some for me, and for Emma. (I consider it her payment to come up with a pattern for me.)

Italian Millefiori yarn

I also scored some Iowa yarns. Since two of my nieces and my sister humored me by stopping in, I had each choose a skein of sock yarn for me to make them a pair. I warned them not to be in a hurry—I’m not very good but I’m slow.

Iowa dyed yarn

The Yarn Pantry is well worth the stop.

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