Mobile Yarn

Yes, I have been on a grand tour of the American Southeast this month. It wasn’t anything intentional. I would do just about anything to get out of the cold and my SAD funk…

This opportunity came in the form of Rachel, my old college roommate. She’s amazing and smart, and she manages big-deal construction sites for work (because she’s amazing and smart). That means she gets sent all over the country for a couple of years at a time, and this site was near Mobile, Alabama. She invited me to come down to see her new digs, and the warmer weather was just an added bonus.

Of course, I don’t travel without investigating any local yarn shops. This one I found pretty near to Rachel’s new house: Mobile Yarn.

Inside Mobile Yarn

It’s a sweet, little shop (and boy, is it little), but it has everything you truly need in a yarn shop: good staples, local hand-dyed yarn, a wide array of tools, and super friendly staff. The staff was probably my favorite part, truly. They reminded me so much of some of my old coworkers at The Studio Knitting and Needlepoint. They were still requiring masks, and I felt very comfortable.

It’s always so interesting to me going places where I would assume it would be tricky to knit most of the year, like hot-and-humid Alabama. Of course, they make up for it with a wide selection of summer-time yarns, like linens and cottons, and gorgeous samples that are perfect for the warmer weather.

Yarn purchased from Mobile Yarn

I ended up leaving with some beautiful sock yarn, from a local-ish dyer: Jem Luxe Fibers of Vicksburg, Mississippi. They just happened to be hosting a show. Also, can’t turn down a discounted mystery deal, so I also ended up with this gorgeous, slow-color-change yarn. I’m thinking a hat out of this would be super nice.

If you find yourself near Mobile, I’d highly recommend a visit to Mobile Yarn!

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