Snips of Thread Quilt Shop

The crafty family gathered once again for a quilting weekend at my cousin’s place in rural Iowa. When we called my aunt to tell her we were on the road, she said “By the way, there’s a new quilt shop in Humeston. I guess they have yarn. You might want to check it out.” It wasn’t too far out of the way, so we made a little detour to the Snips of Thread Quilt Shop.

Bolts of fabric in the Snips of Thread quilt shop

Humeston, IA is a small town. It’s population is only 500. Somehow, it’s still able to support a really nice quilt/yarn shop. The owner, Linda, said adding the yarn portion to the shop has been really successful, and she’s looking to expand it. I always love to hear that!

I did spend most of my time in the Yarn Pantry, which had a lovely selection of easy care yarns and higher quality LYS staples. They also had a lot of local CVM yarn that is even processed at a mill in Iowa! (I asked if they were participating in Shave ’em to Save ’em, and they hadn’t heard about it yet. So, hopefully we’re adding a new fiber provider!)

Hidden Springs Farm CVM yarn

That’s, of course, what I ended up leaving the shop with. This skein came from a sheep named BeeJaee.

So, if for whatever reason, you find yourself in the area of Humeston, Snips of Thread is well worth a stop. Take note, though, they’re only able to accept cash and checks, so plan ahead!

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