Team Knitting

Problematic as they are, I really love the Olympics.

I love watching feats of insane athleticism at all hours of the day. I love rooting for underdogs. I love the continuance of the conversation around mental health (Simone Biles is a straight-up QUEEN, now and forever). Finally, I love that yarn always finds a moment to shine as well.

It’s usually the winter Olympics, admittedly. Of course, this year we can’t stop talking about Tom Daley: British diver, gold medalist, and fiber artist!!

Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images

What first went around was the Union Jack pouch he made to keep his medal from being scratched. If that’s not true knitter energy, I don’t know what is. Even better is the Olympics-themed jumper he just finished!! You can see these and other projects of his on his dedicated Instagram account. You’re absolutely going to want to give that a follow:

What a blessing to have this on my feed….

Of course, I have my own Olympics-themed knitting as well. These are my Going for Gold (Ravelry link) socks. The yarn is hand-dyed by my friend Marci at Th’red Head Designs, specifically for the occasion, with a bit of gold sparkle for gold-medal dreams.

A finished and a just started red, white, and blue sock

I actually started these socks for the 2016 Olympics… Then they were a lucky project for couple of NCAA basketball tournaments… and they they went away awhile. This is one of those WIP Challenge projects I’ve been working on, and I’m getting a bit despondent because it feels like no progress is being made (even though I know it is).

As these Olympics start to wrap up, I’m feeling even worse about it. I know I’m going to put them away again. However, as luck would have it, we’re going to have another Olympics for the winter games in a few short months. I’m hoping I’ll actually be able to finish these then.

What are you working on while you watch the games? Let me know in the comments!

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