WIP Challenge: July Update

I am still struggling with this.

It’s not even that I’m not working on old WIPs. I worked steadily on two really old WIPs last weekend, but I’m not finishing anything still…

Current WIP Count: 46, same as last four months… It would be up one, but I didn’t get around to casting on my new project (which is another birthday gift… which means I’m behind on four birthday gifts now…)

Queue Projects: 10, so I am making progress there… the birthday gifts do come a bit in handy.

Squirrel Projects: 11, so no new projects here. No harm, no foul.

Shiny Objects: Nine… because I did buy yarn for some of those birthday gifts…

So, this challenge continues to be stagnant, but every month is a new month. I need to remember that any crafting beats no crafting at all, and just keep on keeping on.

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