Heading West

A good, long ways west: from medieval England to the American frontier.

I’ve done spinning demos out at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival for years, because I love it. A while back, though, I had an opportunity to demo in a pioneer/homestead setting. I turned it down because I didn’t have half-way appropriate garb for it.

Emma modeling her pioneer garb

So, imagine my joy when Target released their internet infamous cottage-core dresses. Few things make me happier than decent, inexpensive garb.

Emma spinning in her garb

One thing I’ve grown to realize is a spinning demo must-have is pockets. I need notions and things, but I also just feel better having my phone and wallet on me, rather than in a loose bag near me. So, I decided the last bit of prairie garb I needed was an apron with pockets!

Emma winding a cop in her garb

I found three yards of calico cotton at ScrapsKC and a Simplicity 8230 pocketed apron pattern. Cutting it out was a bit of an adventure, since the pockets are pleated (thank goodness) and it was hard to have those marks carry over. Truth be told, I pressed my pleats all the way down the pockets, and they work great.

So excited to say “Yes!” to more demo opportunities!

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