Mini ADVENTure Cowl KAL

In the interest of being responsible, I wasn’t going to get a yarn advent calendar this year.

They’re super fun, but I have two now that are just sitting in my stash, waiting to be turned into something useful. It was a bad idea to get more minis to just sit around idly.

Then I found out my friend Marci of Th’red Head Designs was dyeing an insane amount of minis for the Yarn Barn of Kansas. A local designer, Heather Boos, organized an “advent” knit-along the shop wanted to participate in. In true Marci style, no two minis were exactly alike. Each calendar is unique.

The design is a color-block cowl, with short rows to make the blocks almost wavy in shape (so easy, but still enough to keep your interest). The cowl is wide and long enough to fit over my shoulders.

I couldn’t resist…

Never mind that I still have a bunch of Christmas presents to bust out. Nope, I have to romance working on a mystery project for me during the holiday season… But I do, and I’m looking forward to it.

Blue knitting cast-on, with the small ball of yarn in a little yarn bowl

My first skein is a gorgeous Marci blue with little flecks of swamp green in it. It’s stunning (but of course it is).

I’m using bamboo needles with a cable that may be just a bit too long… but I didn’t want to spend more money on needles if I didn’t have to. This meant I had to cast the thing on three times, but it’s on now!

And you know what, I’m confident the presents will get done AND I can enjoy some selfish knitting this season. Pretty sure the excitement of unwrapping the next color will keep me going!

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