The KnitFit App

Size inclusivity has be one of many good conversations coming out of the online knitting community. What if one could be so inclusive, patterns could be tailored to each person’s own, unique body?

That’s a lot to ask of a designer, and I know many of us tinker with patterns to suit our needs, but what if we didn’t have to? Enter, the KnitFit App.

Let me start by saying this is not an affiliate post. I’ve followed them on Instagram as they have developed, and I played with it a lot this weekend, just to decide that I really love the concept.

First off, it isn’t an app, persay. You access it from your browser, but that honestly doesn’t make it any less cool.

You create a measurement profile, which is super thorough. Never before in my life have I had to measure my armpit-to-waist or shoulder depth, but I can see where these would be important.

Then you create a project. This gets even more thorough with gauge, ease, and where you want the bottom of your sweater to fall. After all that, you have a pattern that is fit to you, specifically. It’s magic.

And sure, could one do all this math themselves? Absolutely, but why when you don’t have to? My real wow moment was looking at a sweater pattern and seeing one number for the cast-on.

That’s such a small thing, too, to not have to look at a list of nine numbers and remember or emphasize which one is “yours.” It gets even more messy with your notes to make your changes for a better fit. KnitFit does that all for you, and gives you a clean, individualized pattern, and I think that’s fantastic.

One last little confusing part for me is I know there’s a free option, and at least one paid, premium option. There was a promotion to create an account before a certain date to get a free upgrade, but I’m not sure what that entails: the ability to create more measurement profiles? Access to more patterns? Uploading a pattern not already in their database? I’m not sure, but I’m eager to find out.

And, naturally, at launch, the pattern selection is pretty limited, but I am so excited to see where this goes!

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