My other crafty challenge for the summer has been Yarn Social Bingo!

I bought five bingo cards, each with a crafty-related squares on them. Participants can get different bingos for Yarn Social loyalty points and entries into a grand prize drawing. The funds raised are going to Harvester’s COVID response partnership, so win-win!

And I recently got my first bingo!

yarn social bingo card

Here’s the squares I’ve been able to mark off so far: brioche, scarf, and two colors for my friend Mark’s fisherman’s rib scarf, plant-fiber yarn and make a gift for my friends Ben and Kristen’s hot pads, new cast-on (German Twisted), bind-off (Icelandic), and colorwork for the Small World Cowl, and “start a new project” and “a project with fewer than 20 Ravelry projects” with the Jubilance Kerchief.

I also got back in the shop for the first time since March (distanced, masked, and sanitized, of course) to buy some yarn to knock off some more squares!

You all may recall my good friend and knitwear designer, Kristin. She knit her Newspaper Confetti sample on a trip we took to Chicago last year, which is surreal to think about now.

Anyway, the inspiration came from basketball games at our alma mater, where students would shred the school newspaper into tiny pieces and toss it as the line-up was announced and in celebration of any good play by the team; until you ran out of newspaper, of course.

So, I decided I also wanted to make this hat, but this one was going to scream its origin.

newspaper confetti hat yarn

These will be my newspaper confetti hat! I’m also going to take the opportunity to try my hand at colorwork with Portuguese knitting. This will mark off my hat square.

My next project came out of a concern for the “project in a language you don’t understand” square. I found the Summer Slipover(Ravelry) in Norwegian, and I was confident between Google translate and my tendency to never follow a pattern verbatim that I could actually make this. What yarn should I use, though?

malabrigo verano

Thanks to Em and Trish at the shop, I found the one! This is Verano, a new cotton yarn from Malabrigo, in the Hibiscus color. So, in addition to the language square, this one will tick off the summer color and “new-to-me yarn” squares, too! Of course, I refuse to cast this on until the dang crop top is finished.

I’m aiming for that blackout, so we’ll see what I can get done before the end of August. Wish me luck!

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