Social DisKnitting: Day 33

I’m dipping again. The stay-at-home order extensions will be necessary, but that brought all the panic back. Let’s focus on the yarn things, instead:

I finished the reusable menstrual pads, my Rebel Alliance Skull and Crossbones beanie, and this little pocket duck:

I cast on my next Star Wars hat: the Baby Yoda slouch.

Black cast on and Baby Yoda Slouch pattern

I made bread (not yarn, but every little thing helps):

Homemade bread

The WIPs are still coming along. I’m angling to get the scarf and sweater done as soon as possible.

In-progress projects: crop top, ribbed scarf, cowldana, and sweater.

As usual, please let me know what you’re working on this week. If you have any TV or movie recommendations this week, I’d love to hear those, too.

3 thoughts on “Social DisKnitting: Day 33

  1. I love the Rebel beanie. I have to be honest about the menstrual pads…I am 54 years old, and suddenly started bleeding again. I would need about 100 of them to get me through this week alonell!! Holy cow!


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