Social DisKnitting: Day 26

We’ve been at this for almost a month, you guys. Is this almost “normal” to anyone else? I mean, I’m still freaking out, but no where near as bad as when this all first hit. It helps me to have a semblance of a routine, anyway. Hope you all are doing well.

One new cast-on this week: my Aperture Cowldana, for Lady Dye Yarns’ Be the Change KAL. I couldn’t attend the Zoom kickoff on Thursday, but I still cast on then:

A small, triangle knitting project in front of a computer

Here’s one new FO, too! I finished the Crimson KAL:

Emma wearing her new cowl

And a few more FOs:

Yup. I feel like, since the CDC made their new announcement, all I’ve done is make masks. Part of me is sick to death of them, and the other part is thrilled that now I have something I can do that is actually helpful. As Olaf so wisely put it, I’m controlling what I can when things are out of control (You can watch Frozen 2 on Disney+ now).

That said, not a lot of time to work on the WIPs, but a little progress was made on each this week:

Four in-progress knitting projects: a scarf, a pad, a hat, and a sweater.

What are you working on? Let me know in the comments, and tag your photos with #fiberadventures.

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