My friend Kristin and I took a trip to Chicago this weekend, and this wasn’t just any trip. We were there to attend the Chicago International Tea Festival, and it was amazing. That said, most of our time was booked, but we had to squeeze in a visit to the closest yarn shop.

Yarnify's main room

Yarnify! is a great little shop in the Printer’s Row neighborhood. The staff was so nice, they gave us the “local tour” when they heard we were from out-of-town. The tour took us around the shop to see everything they carried made by local and regional artists.

They had a good amount of yarn shop staples, as well. It looked like they had a decent sized class room downstairs. One of the staff designed a mascot named Sheepie, and he’s the one painted on the store window. He’s also featured on enamel pride and pop culture pins for sale in the shop.

Emma's purchases from yarnify!

I left with handmade project bags (I have to get something with the shop name on it, when I can), a hand-dyed yarn called “Vintage Tea Cups” (as that was the reason we were there), a hand-dyed mini in yarnify!’s exclusive colorway inspired by the Chicago flag, and one of the Sheepie pins, because Blues Brothers.

If you find yourself in Chicago, be sure to check yarnify! out. It was well worth the stop!

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