Felted Slippers

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means we crafters are diligently spending every waking hour working on handmade gifts for our loved ones. We’ve all had that one year when everything was done on time, and you felt you had time to relax and work on personal projects. Then, out of the blue, an unexpected friend or family member can make it home for the holidays. Great! What are you going to make them? Enter, the Duffer felted slippers!

duffer felted slippers

This has been a go-to pattern for Mom and me for years, with good reason!

  1. They are the handiest little slippers. My family travels a lot, and they fold up like socks. You can have toasty feet anywhere.
  2. They’re only nineteen rows long. You read that right, 19. You can bust these guys out in half a day.
  3. Since they’re already felted, you don’t have to worry about gifting them to someone who doesn’t understand woolen handknits don’t go in the dryer.

This will be my next class at The Studio, as part of their 12 Weeks of Gifting series. If you’d like a little break from the holiday madness, come join us! You can sign up by calling the store at (816) 531-4466 or online here.

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