Training for the Tour

Tour de Fleece is kicking off next week! Since our guild is forming a team, I’m hoping to participate again, even though I’m struggling to work on a baby blanket, a sweater test-knit, and a new knit-along starting in July… I’ll make it work. I think I just need to cut back a little. Last […]

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Shearing Day

You may recall that Marci and I adopted an alpaca last fall, and last Saturday was shearing day! It’s quite an event, the shearers and the farmers are there, and Marcia (Reba’s farmer) had some members of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine Camelid Medicine Club come to help out, too (which I […]

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Alpaca Adoption

My friend Marci and I adopted an alpaca last weekend. This has prompted a lot of questions from my friends and colleagues: “You’re adopting an alpaca? Where will you keep it? Do you know anything about taking care of alpacas?” I sure don’t, readers. That’s why I’m just adopting her, and she can go live […]

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