And the Cotton is Planted

You might recall my cotton growing escapades from last year, I was really excited about it! Well, this terrible winter came in and destroyed all of my cotton plants before they finished producing. I only got about half an ounce.

So the trick would be to get them in the ground earlier so they’re producing earlier, and based on my timetable from last year, that time would be now.

Here in the Kansas City area, we still have snow on the ground and more in the forecast. Even if it was just cold outside, cotton seedlings can’t survive temps below 60°. So what to do?

If you’re me, you take over part of your parents’ basement, put up a grow light, and start them there!

cotton seeds

I’m using seeds from my largest producer last year, here’s hoping these little guys will continue their parent’s legacy. I got some compostable starter pots, filled them with Miracle Grow, and I planted them just as I did last year.

plants pots

It looks super sketch, but if I get more cotton this year, I won’t complain!

Do any of you grow cotton in less than ideal climates like me? What do you do to get the most from your cotton plants? Tell me in the comments!

One thought on “And the Cotton is Planted

  1. I grew cotton for my Weavers & Dyers’ Garden in north central Indiana. Always had a good crop, but I did have to start them early…March 24 or so, setting them out after Mother’s Day when the soil was warm enough for tomato planting. Love the flowers on a cotton plant, too.

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