Treat Yo Self

I’ve shared my views on love before, and if I’m being totally honest, my experience with Valentine’s Day peaked in elementary school: when you made your own valentine mailbox that all of your classmates filled with holographic pop cultural valentines and maybe some candy.

But do I let that get me down every February 14th? Absolutely not! I just make a point every year to have a classic, Parks-and-Rec style “Treat Yo Self” day. Buy some yarn? Treat yo self. Go out for lunch? Treat yo self. Knitflix and Chill? Treat yo self. Buy all of the chocolate? No, that holiday comes tomorrow.

So whether you’ve got heart eyes today, or if you utterly loathe this holiday, I invite you to also treat yo self.

3D printed stitch markers

I’ve been playing with 3D printing, because I think it’s actually magic. I just printed these heart stitch markers! (Thanks to NerdMomma and belitcha for the stls!) Comment on this post about how you treat yo self. I’ll pick three followers at random, and I’ll send them a set of these magical 3D printed stitch markers.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Edit: This giveaway has passed! Thank you all for reading!

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