National Embroidery Month

Did you know February is National Embroidery Month? I did not until very recently!

I kind of celebrated with my trip to Color of Memory, but I felt like I needed to embroider to properly celebrate.

I have seen projects before where embroidery is used to dress up a small, repetitive cotton print. This appealed to me for two reasons: first, I wouldn’t have to transfer or count a pattern, and deep down I am lazy. Second, the print would fill a background nicely, and since I’m celebrating very late in the month, I’m down for a quick project.

embroidery supplies

I think this print could be a lot of different things, but I picked sunflowers ’cause they’re my favorite. I am a Kansas girl, after all. My two favorite embroidery stitches are french knots and daisy stitches, so they’ll be the center and petals respectively.

french knots

I did the first three rounds of the printed circle in the french knots with two strands of thread.

lazy daisies

The last two rounds were daisy stitches with three strands of thread.

embroidered sunflower

The leaves are also three-strand daisy stitches. I’ll fill this fat quarter up until I’m satisfied, and then I think it’s going to be a project bag. What would you make out of this? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “National Embroidery Month

  1. I love this Emma. I like the idea of a project bag or maybe the front panel for a new purse/bag.

    I’ve noticed on Pinterest all of the great ideas for embroidery pictures. They are displayed with the hoops.


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