Adventures at the Ren Fest: The Last Weekend

kansas city renaissance festival king yarn

So now it’s officially over! It would’ve been nice to really enjoy my last day out at the Faire this year. Instead we had rain and wind in the high 30s. It’s the coldest day I’ve ever spent out there, I’m sure (Marci said she’s had colder).

Quite a few people braved that weather with us though! Not a lot stopped to chat, but I have a couple of crazy gems from the weekend:

  • Someone in the booth said “Look! She’s sewing!” I gave my usual response: “Actually, I’m spinning yarn.” “That’s what I said.”
  • A lot of people were buying mitts due to the weather. A woman came in to get a pair, but when Marci gave her the price, without dropping a beat, this woman asked Marci “where in the Faire she could get cheaper ones.” (The answer is no where).
  • A woman looking at the drink mitts said, unironically and without the standard Yosemite Sam accent, asked “What in tarnation is this?”

I did a LITTLE bit of spinning, but the weather made it really hard. All in all, it was a great season for my spinning. Here’s all the yarn I got done:

So, until next season, huzzah and farewell! Thanks to everyone who has told me they loved reading these posts. It’s been super fun writing them! Hope you’ll keep checking back even though the Faire is over.

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