Adventures at the Ren Fest: 6th Weekend

The end of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival is nigh, and traditionally the last couple of weekends are really good at Wolf ‘n’ Sheep’s Clothing. It’s chillier, people forget warm things, and we get to bust out our own hand-knits. It was a little harder this weekend with all the rain, but I managed:

spinning renaissance festival wheel

And while I’m looking forward to having my weekends once again dedicated to putting my life in order, I am already verklempt about this season coming to an end. I get to spend my time in company I really enjoy, talking yarn things, giving the occasional drop spindle lesson. It’s the dream! Even the ridiculous patrons make for great stories, and to that end here’s all the crazy I got to enjoy this last three-day weekend:

  • A guy saw my spinning demo as a captive audience, and told me about the time he didn’t want to tell Israeli police what his religion was (he’s apparently Pagan).
  • I saw a child running around while attempting to swallow a short toy sword. Parents did not care.
  • There was an awesome dyed-red, shaved poodle that my friend Keegan said should be in my blog.
  • A woman came into the booth, telling me that knitting is better than crochet. I say “not¬†necessarily,” and she responds that it’s her fault. She crochets too tight. I recommend that she go up a hook size or two, and she says she has the largest there is, “a 4.”
  • While demoing, a kid looked at about six ounces of fiber, aghast. “You have to spin all of that?!” he asked. “I do, yeah,” I tell him. He looks even more shocked: “Do they at least pay you?!”
  • Two different gentleman apparently appreciated my demo, but not enough to stop. One walking by pointed at the wheel and said “love it,” but the other was running by, pointed at me, and yelled “F^%K YEA!”
  • I saw one guy in a wheelchair, that I’m guessing he didn’t need cause he was using his legs to move it (remember, it was super muddy out there this weekend). He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts in 50 degree weather, and a full chainmail helm.
  • One kid came in to rub his face all over some of the yarn in the booth, because “Mom, it’s so soft!” His face was painted. With glitter.
  • A booth down the way has a bubble machine. One woman was batting at the balloons with her umbrella, which caused it to turn inside out.
  • I’m spinning away, very proud of my fingering weight yarn. Some woman stopped by and exclaimed “What nice thick yarn!”
  • Another woman pointed out a small slub and asked me “What are you going to do with the yarn now that you’ve ruined it?”
  • A guy asked me if I built the wheel I was spinning on. When I told him it was built in Oregon, he became very excited: “I’m from Portland! Naked Bike Ride!”

And of course, a lot of spinning got done!

handspun yarn

This is what I turned in for Spinzilla. 2059 yards! It’s the second time in my life I’ve spun “the mile!”

Next weekend is the last for the Ren Fest, so last chance to get beautiful Th’red Head Designs yarn, fiber, and garments for a while! Come see me!

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