Recycled Stitch Markers

In many of my travels, I have had a dream.

Most hotels have RFID card keys these days, and many of these key cards look so fancy. They could just be plain white cards, but most of them have fun or sophisticated prints on them. What cool stitch markers they’d make, I usually say.

I think this mindset came from my old music education days. I don’t remember how I learned about it, but I remember being fascinated by a “PickPunch:” a hole punch that makes guitar picks out of plastic cards. Since that time, PickPunch has expanded to a variety of sizes of picks and two “craft” punches: a circle and a square.

Stitch marker tools and finished stitch markers.

My keycard from my last Houston trip put me over the edge to invest in some PickPunches, which made everything so much easier. I popped a couple out of the card and made the tiny hole with a bottle cap hole punch. Then I just added a lightbulb pin. The whole process took less than ten minutes.

I love them! They’re a little larger than an average stitch marker, but they’re so light, they don’t get in your way. I’m looking forward to commemorating future trips with some fun stitch markers!

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