Queue Challenge: July Update

I had this all written up and ready to go early this week, because I was once again working the election (which was an amazing experience this year, culminating in the result that confirms my neighbors see me as a person, more than just a vessel for the next generation, so that was great). However, it didn’t publish, as I thought it would. Technology is great when it works. So, after my day-long recovery from doing an open-to-close at the polls, here it is.

My election worker training only interrupted my crafting a little bit. My current queue finish now sits at…


Another month, another four finished objects! I also finished a skein of yarn during Tour de Fleece (that was a deep stash dive), but I’m hoping to knit something out of that before the end of the year, so I’m not counting it here.

My mystery finish from last month was another witch’s hat. This month, I finished another ugly Christmas tree hat (Ravelry link). Both were for my mom for her birthday (a little bit of a selfish gift, because now she’ll lay off the guilt whenever I wear mine!).

Of course, my bucket hat, while unplanned, still counts as a queue finish. It came out of Mom’s stash, so no yarn purchased! My two other finishes still have to remain a surprise, but I know you’re all going to love them!

You’ll see those (and hopefully some more projects I have planned!) in next month’s update.

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